Springs of Truth Podcast:

What in the world is a “podcast”?!

“Podcast” is a word that combines the words “iPod” and “broadcast,” and it means simply a radio program that is available at your convenience, playable whenever you like, instead of only at the time it is broadcast on a particular radio station. But don’t think you need an iPod to listen to one! You don’t. (What you do need is listed below). A podcast is a radio broadcast that you “subscribe” to free, that will automatically be downloaded to your computer each time a new episode is published (daily, weekly, however often it is broadcast), so that you can listen to it at your convenience, on your schedule. For people who are used to recording live TV, you can compare it to Tivo for radio … you can pause the program, rewind and fast forward as you choose.

Why should I care?

There’s a wealth of great Bible teaching available now as podcasts that you can subscribe to without cost. If you podcast a program you like, there’s usually no need to order and pay for a CD copy of a message you’ve heard on the radio from that ministry … just fire up your computer or MP3 player and listen as often as you’d like.

What do I need to listen to a podcast?

• A computer (PC or Mac)
• A high-speed internet connection (just to download the file. It isn’t needed to play.)
• iTunes (free software available at www.itunes.com)
• Optional: an iPod or other portable MP3 player.

What podcasts are offered by Springs of Truth?

Recent Sermons by Pastor David Pastrell

What kind of file is downloaded to my computer with podcasts?

Our podcasts are MP3 audio files.

Will I fill up my hard drive if I podcast?

No. You can select how many broadcasts are stored on your computer or MP3 player, and you can easily delete programs that you’re finished with. Each episode of Pastor Brian’s radio broadcast is about 6.5 megs, and each of his full sermons is about 13 megs.

OK, I’m convinced and I have all I need … so, how do I subscribe?

Once you have iTunes installed on your computer (download it free at www.itunes.com), and you have a fast internet connection, follow these few steps to subscribe to a free podcast the first time. (Once you have gone through this process to subscribe, you won’t have to do it again for that program.)
1) Open the iTunes program.
2) Click on “Music Store” on the left side of the program screen.
3) Click on “podcasts” under “Inside the Music Store.”
4) Type “Springs of Truth” or “David Pastrell” in the search field on the Podcast Directory page.
5) Click the arrow to the right of any of the podcasts for Springs of Truth that are listed.
6) Click the “Subscribe” button.
That’s it! You’re done. iTunes will automatically download the most recent program right away and list others that are available — just click on “Get” to download any other episodes you want right now. Note: To change how many and how often a program is downloaded, you can go to the “Edit” menu of iTunes, click on “Preferences,” then select the “Podcasts” tab and make whatever changes you’d like there.

I Don’t Want To Use I-Tunes! What If I Use “Juice” or Other Podcast Software?

If you are using other podcasting software, you may subscribe to Springs of Truth’s Recent Sermons Podcast by placing the following URL into the subscription setup portion of your  podcasting software: